11. Adding Product Profile Information
Providing information in the Product Profile categories is OPTIONAL. More complete and comprehensive information will lead to a more complete picture of your product and company’s sustainability as provided by the Green Product Pages product review.

To provide Product Profile Information:
  • Click on 'Products' in the left side-bar menu to see a listing of registered products
  • Click on a product to see a list of product profile categories.
  • Click on any profile category and then on any sub-category listing to begin to input information as prompted in the spaces provided.
  • Press 'Save This Page' at every screen page to save information for continuation at a later time and for future submittal for review. A screen message will notify you that your information has been saved but is not complete.
  • 'Save This Page' and click the box if this page is complete. (Complete means that you have provided all the information you intend to provide at this time and does not necessarily mean that information in all categories has been entered. You may provide as much or as little information before clicking the complete box.) A screen message will notify you that your information has been saved and is complete.
  • If you now click on the 'Products' menu bar in left side-bar, the 'Profile Status' on the right side of your screen will indicate profiles that have been marked as complete for that product, to assist you in returning to the appropriate sections to provide additional information in the future. You may also update the product information from this screen if necessary.
  • Press 'Submit Product Profile' ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED AS MUCH INFORMATION AS YOU WANT REVIEWED. It is important to include as much information as possible to take full advantage of ONE FREE PRODUCT REVIEW with no obligation to publish.
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