NOTE: With a web publication agreement, you will be able to update and provide additional profile information for review at any time. You will also be able to provide updated account information such as public contact information and distributors, online for immediate web updating.

CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE NOW COMPLETED THE PROCESS FOR SUBMITTING INFORMATION FOR REVIEW BY Green Product Pages. A link to your 'Preview Product Page' and sustainability review will be emailed to the Primary Contact Person (PCP) within 7-10 working days.

  • The 'Preview Product Page' shows how your product web listing would appear if published with an overview of the product and company information provided in the main criteria categories. Brief comments and gray bars in each criteria category give a quick, graphic overview of the performance as a percentage of possible credits in that category.
  • Click on any criteria category to view the GBP evaluation in that criteria category; or
  • Click on 'Continue to Detailed Product Page' to view the full sustainability review information in all criteria categories.
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