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Information Submittal

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Manufacturer and Product Information
Company and product information can be saved and submitted via a Company Account, accessible from the Green Building Pages Manufacturer's Login website. The entire Profile Forms are comprehensive, requiring information collected from others, and most likely cannot be completed in one sitting. Therefore, all information entered into the Company and Product Forms may be saved for later access, and updated or changed at any time by any authorized user.

Authorized Users
Additional users may be given access to the Company and Product Forms. The Primary Contact Person (PCP) shall be the administrative user for your company, responsible for additional users and access privileges, information submittals, validation of information, review and authorization for publication of the GBP Product Sustainability Profile, and future updating of information. Additional users and access privileges may be defined and changed by the PCP at any time after registration.

Easy Updating / In-Progress Submittal
The entire Profile Form need not be completed to submit for review and publication. However, certain information, noted with an asterisk (*), must be provided for GBP review and publication. Incomplete Profile Forms with required information provided may be published as "In-Progress" for 90 days while the remaining information is being compiled, submitted and reviewed for publication. After 90 days, incomplete fields will be noted as "Incomplete".

After the first submittal of the Company and Product Profiles, changes to Company and Product Profile Forms will be updated in one of the following ways:

  • Immediate Updates
    Changes to information NOT requiring the GBP Evaluation will be updated on the Product Page within one week of when new information is saved to the database. The following information falls under this category:

Company URL, Public Contact Info.
Product Specification URL, Product Description
LEED Credit Categories

  • Quarterly Updates
    Changes to information requiring the GBP Evaluation may be submitted at any time, but will processed as outlined in the Overview once quarterly, on March 15th, June 15th, September 15th and December 15th. Information updated quarterly includes:

    Production & Manufacturing
    Installation, Use & Maintenance
    End of Product Life
    Company (Social) Profile


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