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Green Product Pages product listings provide streamlined, detailed information to consumers interested in sustainable design and construction, including links to your company website and product representatives, distributors, cross-referenced case studies that feature your product, as well as LEED Credit Opportunities that your product offers projects seeking LEED Certification.

The Product Page connects your company with the individuals and organizations who are increasingly demanding information on green building materials, including:

  • Architects, designers, builders, engineers
  • LEED-accredited professionals
  • City and county planners
  • Facilities managers
  • Homeowners and real estate developers
  • Academic institutions
  • Federal institutions

Search Options
The public can access your Product Page by performing a search either directly on the Green Product Pages homepage, or from the Green Products section of using any of the following search options:

  • Green attributes and keywords
  • LEED Credit Opportunities
  • CSI Category
  • Product Name
  • Manufacturer Name
  • Location or Distance from Jobsite
  • Cross-referenced Case Studies

Results from search queries will be listed by closest match, showing the Product Name, Manufacturer, and Product Description. The Product Name in the search results will link to the Product Page.


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